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Reserve Champion Chi Heifer 2024 Iowa Beef Expo shown by the Wallace family!! Raised by Drew Miller Show Cattle (IN) sold by CEG!! Maternal sister to Made 4 This!!

The million dollar question we have been getting asked is “How do the Told Ya So calves look that have been born so far?”

Buckle your seatbelts folks because not only have reports been extremely exciting, we are thrilled to announce he carries a red gene as well!! Here are just a few of the calf photos we have been sent thus far with plenty more coming in daily!! This sire is truly going to change the industry being triple clean while having the ability to produce offspring with all of the qualities that would normally come with having genetic defects in him!!

Stay tuned for more updates to come this spring!! To place a semen order call or text Raymond at 712-249-2009 for more information!!

3rd Overall KS Steer and Champion Shorthorn Plus Ring A&B 2024 Kansas Classic exhibited by the Mead family!! Raised by CR Towering Farm (OH) sold by CEG/Rodgers Livestock sired by Chosen 1!!

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