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5-28-19 – Lawrence KS

CEG was hit last night by an EF4 tornado that ran through Douglas County on the south end of Lawrence. Thankfully Raymond was in SD at the time selling semen and has since drove home to start assessing the situation. All of the cattle are accounted for and luckily the house and the barn are still standing. Many neighbors however were not as fortunate and suffered extensive damage. Power is still out and best outlook is it will possibly be on in 4-5 days. Thank you to everyone who called to check in on us or offered any help. Here is a video of the tornado as well as some footage from the CEG sale facility after it hit. It actually ran right through the west pasture and for whatever reason picked up and went right over top of the barn and house before dropping back down on the other side of the property and continued wiping out more real estate. Cell service is patchy so if you are trying to reach Raymond on his cell please be patient thank you!

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