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Life’s A Trip

New For 2022 CEG Sire - “Life’s A Trip”

One of the most exciting colored TH/PHA FREE club calf sires we have ever discovered!!

Every year we try to search out new bulls that will provide solutions to certain mating questions we get during breeding season. We feel that with an overwhelming amount of colored TH carrier females out there we needed to find one that will add some growth and performance and not sacrifice all the extras we try so hard to create with hair, bone and look. We think he is a going to be a great match on IGWT, BDR, Gotcha Covered etc types of females along with being able to be mated to other carrier daughters no matter what color they may be!! The amount of bone and hair on this one for being clean is outrageous!! He has an absolutely incredible presence and look from the side yet packs some real performance!!

Come view him in person on display Jan 6-9th at the Cattlemen’s Congress in OKC!!

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